Fresh Life Internships

Training and equipping leaders to step into their calling and
develop the tools for ministry at Fresh Life Church
Summer May 20th – Aug 18th Apply Here
Fall Sep 9th – Dec 8th Apply Here

The Internship Program

Here at Fresh Life our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our efforts are fixated on one thing: seeing God glorified and His kingdom built.  His heartbeat is our war drum; it urges us on — further, deeper, with more passion, with more resolve.

This internship is focused on kingdom building, and that’s why this is not your average internship program. This is an intensive and fast-paced program designed to grow individuals in character, leadership, and clarity in their calling.

If you’re looking for an internship where you can fly under the radar, this probably isn’t the internship for you.
If you’re looking for an internship that will get you a vacation in Montana, this probably isn’t the internship for you.
If you’re casually checking out multiple internships to “see what works out,” this probably isn’t the internship for you.

On the other hand ...

If you’re looking for an experience that will challenge you to execute in ministry (or any leadership) at a high level, this ​is​ the internship for you.
If you’re looking for an experience that will push your limits and build lasting relationships forged by stretching your limits, this ​is​ the internship for you.
If you’re looking for an experience that is the next step in God calling you to risk the ocean in your own life, this ​is​ the internship for you.

We are looking for the most committed, passionate, and faith-filled people (ages 18-30) to link shields with us and march forward to see those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.

If you have creative or ministry skills and want to charge with us to take more ground for the Kingdom, then there is room for you at the table here!

If you are ready to answer the call and take the leap, to be wrung out for the gospel, to be stretched beyond your comfort zone, and to be used by God, we want you to apply! 

Key Details and Information

Length of internship

Our internships are 3 months long and we are currently accepting applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2019.

Is this a paid internship?

The Fresh Life internship is not a paid internship.


We do not have intern housing. Each intern is asked to do the research in the Flathead Valley to find and arrange their own housing. Resources like Craigslist, AirBnb, and VRBO are great for searching the area. The Flathead Valley is a tourist destination so we recommend looking into vacation rentals as an option. Areas to consider: Kalispell, Whitefish, Bigfork, Evergreen, Somers, and Lakeside.

Occasionally members of Fresh Life Church will have housing options (with and without rent). Those housing opportunities are on a case by case basis to help ensure the right fit for both parties. If you are accepted into the program, please let the intern team know right away if you need housing and we will help as much as we can, but it is ultimately up to each intern to find their own housing.

What if I am an international applicant?

Each applicant is responsible for ensuring their work eligibility in the USA. Documentation of the proper work VISA will be required prior to acceptance into the internship program.


It is highly recommended that interns have a vehicle, unless they are in walking distance of the church (downtown Kalispell). Kalispell does not have a well established public transportation system.

Will I be able to get a job?

Our interns do not work during the duration of their internship. This is a great way to ensure that our interns can participate in everything during that season, rest well, and get a fuller picture as to what working in full time ministry at Fresh Life is really like.

Each intern will fundraise, save, and/or align support so that they can be in the internship without worrying about their finances. Each interns financial goal will look different depending on their monthly expenses. We encourage you to consider what one months of expenses is currently, multiply it by 3, and then set that as your goal. Expenses to consider: rent, loans, car insurance, gas, groceries, eating out, extracurricular purchases, coffee, etc.

Hours during the week

Our interns work at Fresh Life Monday-Thursday in the office, Fridays off, Saturday and Sunday are weekend hours either in office or making the worship experiences happen.
Monday - Thursday = 28 hours
Saturday - Sunday = 12 hours


This is one of our favorite parts of the internship program (and we think it will be yours too)! Throughout the duration of the internship, the entire intern group will travel to some of our other Fresh Life campuses to serve on a specified weekend. These trips are mandatory. Transportation and lodging will be provided.

Group Time

The internship week is mostly spent in the department you are interning with but each Monday and Tuesday morning we start the day in Intern Group time. This time is spent with discussion and leadership building.


All church wide events are mandatory and are considered “all hands on deck”. This includes before, during, and after an event. Events that include traveling are not guaranteed for interns.


A huge part of working in ministry is fasting and praying. We will challenge our interns to push themselves both spiritually and physically through opportunities like times of fasting.

Fitness Challenges

We fight for health in all areas of life at Fresh Life and will challenge our interns to do the same. Some fun ways that we will do that is with fitness challenges.

If you have more questions or would like more information, email us at

Department Descriptions

Campus Leadership
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Under the direction of the campus leadership, grow the church by integrating new guests and new believers into community.
  • Equip and resource volunteer leaders in your campus as they serve throughout the week.
  • Develop the communication and relational skills necessary to lead in a multi-site church model.
  • Grow in this grove, through Fresh Life Groups, Impact Teams, and corporate worship.
Preferred Qualifications
  • An awareness that church doesn’t exist for us, but rather that we are the church, and we exist to reach the world.
  • A drive to learn, an eagerness to be coached, and humble self-confidence that is willing to serve.
  • A preference to empower and equip a team of people to accomplish a task, versus the desire to do the task yourself (in an effort to ensure it’s “done right”)
  • A calling to serve in vocational ministry in the local church.
Graphic Design
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Participation in series, event, and general brainstorming and branding.
  • Creation of digital and print materials.
  • Production of weekend worship experience media elements.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience and knowledge with Adobe software, especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • The ability to work quickly under pressure and quick deadlines.
  • An eagerness to learn and a passion for design.
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Filming: weekend projects, and series projects
  • Editing: weekend teaching clips, social media, and promo videos.
  • Production and organizing logistics of film shoots
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with Adobe Premiere Pro (editing and color grading)
  • Experience with video shoots including camera operation and audio
  • Organization and communication strengths
Motion Graphics
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Designing and animating key art for every series.
  • Animating lower thirds for weekend media. (Title, names, standards).
  • Creating animated title sequence intros for videos.
  • Creating animations for TV Shows.
  • Creating animations for social media.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Basic understanding of how After Effects works.
  • Basic knowledge of animation. (Knowing the different keyframes and how to edit them.)
  • Basic design knowledge.
Web Design & Development
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Reviewing all sites for bugs or inconsistencies
  • Designing necessary splash pages or new requests
  • Refactoring old code to best practices and standards
  • Brainstorming strategies for future redesigns
Preferred Qualifications
  • Basic development languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby are our core languages
  • Popular framework knowledge: Vue.js and Ruby on Rails
  • Version control: we work with Git and Github heavily with our repositories
  • Design softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Figma, or Sketch
  • Basic understanding of current web trends and emerging practices
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Weekly Practice
  • Weekend Worship Experiences
  • Special Events & Staff Meetings
  • Weekly Worship Culture & Training Class
  • Communication w/ Team Leads & Coaches
  • Helping with Admin & Logistics
  • Setup & Teardown
  • Serving in Positions Unrelated to Music When Needed
  • Songwriting
  • Participating in Bootcamp
Preferred Qualifications
  • Flexible
  • Servant heart
  • Talented & growing in musical ability
  • Desire to dream, learn, serve, lead and grow musically & spiritually
  • Able to work well both independently and as a team
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Video Archive
  • Building backdrops
  • Organizing audio cables
  • Programming and running lights
  • Scheduling
  • Developing training curriculum
Preferred Qualifications
  • Some knowledge of audio console
  • Some understanding of editing software
Fresh Life Kids (Infants - 5th grade) 
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Serving in Fresh Life Kids on the weekends
  • Help prepare with curriculum crafts/supplies
  • Plan/brainstorm Kid Min meetings and events
  • Cleaning/supplying kids classrooms
Preferred Qualifications
  • Likes Kids!
  • Enjoys working with others AND independently
  • Can handle sometimes tedious tasks
  • Hard working
  • Organized and willing to learn
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Planning and executing Kalispell Student Events
  • Movement Camp (planning, prepping, and executing)
  • Assisting with the @flstudents social media
  • Various administrative tasks when needed
  • Attend and contribute to brainstorms and planning for future Students endeavors
Preferred Qualifications
  • Consistent devotional life
  • Some Student Ministry experience
  • Good presence on social media
  • Some basic admin skills
  • A coachable and humble spirit
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Communication with our global community and campuses through professional emails and phone calls
  • Planning and executing major churchwide events
  • Working on various centralized projects
  • Working with the Central Admin Team on assorted tasks, including data entry and admin-minded things
Preferred Qualifications
  • Coachable and readiness to learn systems (even if unexperienced)
  • Organized and even tempered
  • Able to manage multiple responsibilities at one time
  • Experience with spreadsheets
Fresh Life Outreach
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Communication and admin are a big part of Outreach. Phone calls and emails are daily.
  • Data entry and administration skills are used frequently
  • Participating and even leading meetings in both small and large group settings
  • Helping to develop events and projects
  • Analyzing Metrics
  • Promotion
  • Planning, and preparing for our Rock This City event which is our annual week of serving all together as a church loving and building our cities through partnership with local non-profit organizations.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Relational and interpersonal skills
  • Experience building and using spreadsheets
  • Organizational and administrative skills
Social Media & Marketing
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Creating content for social platforms – graphics, photos, video clips
  • Brainstorming and assisting with the execution of marketing campaigns for series and events
  • Capturing Instagram story content on the weekend
  • Assisting with posting and posting schedules
Preferred Qualifications
  • Some experience and basic knowledge with Adobe Photoshop preferred
  • Some experience and basic knowledge with Adobe Premiere Pro (editing and color grading) preferred
  • Personally uses instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and has an understanding of the features they offer
  • Flexible and able to work quickly under pressure with quick deadlines
  • Strong communication skills
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Assisting with Worship set list creating.
  • Writing host talking points.
  • Determining order and transitions of the worship experience.
  • Programming upcoming events and new sermon series.
  • Communicating worship experience expectations and providing resources needed to succeed to all campuses.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Organization
  • Clear communication (especially written)
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Work well under pressure
  • Attention to detail

Spring Feb 4th – May 5th Apply Here
Summer May 20th – Aug 18th Apply Here
Fall Sep 9th – Dec 8th Apply Here

A Calling

This is more than an opportunity, it's a calling: a calling to see those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.

Advancing the Vision

We are looking for leaders, people who will sacrifice and bleed to carry the banner and advance the vision.

Potential Unleashed

What could God do with you if there was no ceiling to your potential? Well we're anxious to see it through.